Defiant store clerk captured on video chasing robber out of store with baseball bat

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An accused robber at a North Carolina convenience store Monday ended up running away after the clerk pulled out a baseball bat.

Surveillance video shared by the Morganton Police Department shows the female clerk at Morganton’s Tobacco Barn grabbing the man’s hands as he reaches for the cash drawer and engaging in a tug-of-war with him.

He breaks free to run, and she quickly grabs an aluminum baseball bat from behind the counter and chases him, the video shows.

Store clerk Trish Carpenter told WSOC her instincts kicked in when the man said: “I’m going to take it all.”

“I wasn’t going to let him,” Carpenter told the Morganton Herald. “He and I were kind of struggling a little bit because he had his hands all in (the drawer) and I was trying to grab him and not let him get anything.”

Carpenter chased the man to the parking lot, where she saw him drive off in a truck, reported Spectrum News. Carpenter told Spectrum the man got away with “a few dollars.”

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