Missing 4-month-old boy in Scioto County presumed dead; parents in custody on other charges

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A missing 4-month-old Scioto County boy is now presumed dead and his parents are being held on other felony charges as a homicide investigation continues, the county sheriff’s office announced Wednesday night.

Detectives have concluded that Dylan Groves is believed to have died sometime in March. A wooded area in Scioto County where Dylan’s body was believed to have been disposed was searched but was not found, Scioto County Sheriff Marty V. Donini said in a press release.

The parents, Daniel A. Groves, 41, and Jessica D. Groves, 39, of Otway, are being held on a number of felony charges, including abduction and kidnapping. Daniel Groves is also accused of theft and receiving stolen property.

The homicide investigation continues and the Scioto County grand jury will consider additional charges in the near future. The sheriff’s office gave the following account:

When Dylan Groves was born, it was discovered that there were illicit drugs in his system so custody was immediately awarded to Scioto County Children Services.

Children Services, though, decided to return Dylan to his father because he had met all of the requirements for family reunification.

But then Daniel Groves started missing court dates, home visits and doctor’s appointments, said Capt John Murphy of the Scioto County Sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office made numerous attempts to locate the child. Once, on May 20 when deputies went to their house in Otway, Daniel and Jessica Groves fled together on a four-wheeler.

On Monday, deputies obtained a search warrant for their property. Jessica Groves was quickly captured but Daniel Groves barricaded himself inside the house, resulting in a six hour standoff before his arrest.

The search warrant yielded several stolen items valued at $42,000 – including two 4-wheelers and two trailers.

As a result of the search, detectives believe that Dylan is dead but his remains have not yet been recovered. Additional searches will be conducted as new evidence surfaces, the sheriff’s office said.

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