Guest Posts are a common marketing and SEO strategy

Guest Posts are a common marketing and SEO strategy

Guest Posts are a common marketing and SEO strategy, but is it worth it and why

(RSSNews.Press) Guest Posts is an advanced marketing and SEO strategies used by marketing and SEO specialists around the world.  Guest Posts are great and increasingly beneficial to those that are on blog sites with high domain authority.

Google loves for a website to have other websites linking to it with “do-follow” links.  It tells Google, and other search engines, the relevancy of a website.  The theory is, for example; a new restaurant that has no customer cars in front and no backlog on reservations.  In that scenario it is safe to assume that the customer that have visited the new restaurant are not impressed.  However, with the opposite perspective, a new restaurant that opens and is flooded with traffic and has a 3 week backlog of reservation actually enhances the desire by those that have not visited the restaurant to make reservations weeks in advance.

Search engines use the same theory to value links.  If a high profile business like FOX TV links to your business site tells the major search engines that your website is relevant, whether is a good perspective or negative, as compared to a small coffee shop down the street that links to you.  Everything online is about relevancy and that is solely determined by websites linking to your website and traffic.

Guest Posts accomplishes both of these objectives.  It give links and enhances the online references to your website.  If your links are on a small site with no traffic it will not generate any traffic or relevancy to your site.  If links from FOX TV has a lot of traffic and sends many visitors to your site then the major search engines will view your site and business as relevant and help increase your website rankings, increase traffic to your site and increase the number of inquires made regarding your business.

The cost of Guest Posts vary across the web from $10 to $16000 on India Times.

STL.News is a contributor news site to RSSNews.Press.  STL.News accepts Guest Posts that is distributed to a massive audience, including STL.News, social media, and syndicated news sites.  STL.News domain authority is high and ranks among top leading news sources.  The cost is reasonable for the domain authority and distribution, which also includes aggregators like Blogarama, BlogEngage, Blokube, Bloglovin, Ground.News and more coming online weekly.

There are many options to find credible sites to publish Guest Posts like Fiverr, The Moth, and more.  Like with most purchases, price dictates authority and distribution.  The more you pay, the more benefit you will receive from this marketing and SEO strategy.

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