The Latest: EU urges Israel to refrain from lethal force

European Union urges Israeli military to “refrain from using lethal force against unarmed protesters,” after four Palestinians, including a teen-age boy, were killed by army fire in protests along Gaza’s border with Israel

Earth Day 2018: Everything you need to know

People around the world will come together this weekend to celebrate the planet we live on and to take action to protect it.

Rohingya refugees rescued after drifting at sea for 9 days

A Rohingya Muslim man among the group of 76 rescued off Indonesia in a wooden boat says they were at sea for nearly nine days after leaving Myanmar, where the minority group faces intense persecution, and were hoping to reach Malaysia

The Latest: Japan’s Abe cautious about North Korea

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has reacted with caution to North Korea’s announcement it has suspended nuclear tests and long-range missile launches

North Korea suspends nuclear program ahead of much-anticipated talks

North Korea will put its program on hold prior to talks between Trump and Kim.

WATCH: N. Korea says it will suspend all nuclear and ICBM tests

The move comes in preparation for a potential meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

No surprise: Charles to succeed queen as Commonwealth head

Heir to the British throne Prince Charles has been approved as the next head of the Commonwealth made up mostly of former colonies

700-year-old tree is put on a ‘drip’ to save it

The Banyan tree is the national tree of India and is considered sacred by Hindus. The tree getting a ‘drip’ is thought to be one of the oldest of its kind in the world.

The Latest: Commonwealth chooses Prince Charles as next head

The Commonwealth has confirmed that Prince Charles will be the next leader of the organization of Britain and its former colonies once he succeeds his mother Queen Elizabeth II on the throne.

Ex-deputy prime minister who resigned over affair welcomes baby with former staffer

Barnaby Joyce quit after details emerged of an affair with his former staffer.

Jaywalkers risk getting sprayed and publicly shamed

People crossing streets in China often seem to pay little heed to lights.

The Latest: Officials say 2nd Palestinian killed in protest

The Latest: Gaza health officials say a second Palestinian has been killed by Israeli army fire as thousands of protesters assembled near Gaza’s border with Israel

Israeli fire in new Gaza border protest kills 2 Palestinians

Israeli army fire kills 2 Palestinians as thousands join the fourth weekly protest on Gaza border

Police in Indonesia say fishermen have rescued 76 Rohingya Muslims from boat stranded off Aceh province

Police in Indonesia say fishermen have rescued 76 Rohingya Muslims from boat stranded off Aceh province

Swaziland king says the country ‘will now revert to its original name’

The country in southern Africa has changed its name to mark 50 years of independence, its king said, according to reports.

WATCH: US has ‘credible evidence’ Russia, Syria sanitizing chemical attack site: State Dept

The U.S. made the accusation almost a week after last Friday’s bombing.

Board approves austerity plans for Puerto Rico amid protests

A majority of federal control board members have approved new austerity measures for Puerto Rico, saying they will help revitalize the economy and create more jobs amid the U.S. territory’s 11-year recession

US has ‘credible evidence’ Russia, Syria sanitizing chemical attack site: State Dept

The U.S. made the accusation almost a week after last Friday’s bombing.

WATCH: Travel to the front lines of climate change in Bhutan

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff goes behind the scenes of the new feature, ‘White Gold: Discovering Bhutan’s natural energy treasure.’

UN Security Council mourns death of Ivory Coast ambassador

The Security Council have bid farewell to veteran diplomat Bernard Tanoh-Boutchoue, the Ivory Coast’s ambassador to the United Nations who died just months after starting a two-year term on the U.N.’s most powerful body

Free admission for swastika-wearing theatergoers on Hitler’s birthday draws takers

The Konstanz theater causes outrage by offering swastika-wearing visitors free tickets to a production of George Tabori’s Hitler satire “Mein Kampf.”

Man jailed for life after deliberately infecting men with HIV

What you need to know about Cuba’s new president, as Raul Castro exits

Cuba turned the page on a new political era today as Raul Castro stepped down as president and handed over power to his handpicked successor, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez.

WATCH: Who is the president of Cuba?

WATCH: Take that: Pedestrians tackle knifeman fleeing police

Incredible dashcam footage captures the moment members of the public tackled a knife-carrying man as he was fleeing police on a bicycle in Cardiff, Wales.

‘A historic moment’: ‘Black Panther’ breaks Saudi’s cinema ban, minus some kissing

A screening of “Black Panther” in Saudi Arabia’s capital broke a 35-year cinema ban, with men and women seated together.

How the end of the Castro era affects US travel to Cuba

Nepal honors 1st conquest of Everest without bottled oxygen

Nepal’s government has honored two climbers who were the first to scale Mount Everest without supplementary oxygen 40 years ago

Russia joins bid to win compensation over US metals tariffs

Russia has joined the European Union, India and China in demanding compensation from the United States for its tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum

‘White Gold’: Discovering Bhutan’s natural energy treasure

The carbon-negative nation is battling climate change along its abundant rivers.