German town on alert as neo-Nazi festival, counter events held

Anti-fascists and local council hold separate events in Ostritz in response to far-right festival on Hitler’s birthday

Debuting Turkish party eligible to partake in snap elections

Good (Iyi) Party, launched in October by Meral Aksener, is eligible for June 24 parliamentary and presidential polls.

Saudi: Gunfire as police shoot down ‘toy drone’ near royal palace

Saudi police open investigation after security forces shot down an unauthorised, small drone-type toy, state media says.

India’s cabinet adopts death penalty for rape of girls under 12

Controversial order to remain in effect for six months from president’s approval, or until parliament votes it into law.

Colin Kaepernick wins Amnesty International top award

Football star honoured with Ambassador of Conscience Award recognising ‘inspiring contribution to helping human rights’.

Stephen Lawrence: Murder that shook UK’s racial dynamics

April 22, 1993, killing of black man by five white youths laid bare Met Police incompetence, corruption and racism.

Egypt renews detention of Al Jazeera’s Mahmoud Hussein

Qatar-based network calls on Egypt to release its journalist, who has spent almost 500 days in jail without charge.

Chemical weapons inspectors reach Douma to probe gas attack

A week after arriving in Syria, experts enter town where dozens died and hundreds were injured in April 7 incident.

Saudi-led coalition air raid kills 20 Yemeni civilians: residents

The attack hit a car transporting 20 passengers south of Taiz province, locals tell Reuters news agency.

Exclusive report from N Korea capital on ‘self-reliance’

North Korea’s governing ideology is called ‘Juche’, which is directly translated as self-reliance.

Mother of killed Palestinian youth: ‘How could he pose a threat?’

The United Nations and world leaders have expressed their outrage at the death of Mohammed Ayoub at the hands of Israeli snipers, while his family is left to grieve.

Cubans sceptical of new president’s promises

New president faces daunting challenge of modernising state-run economy to make it more rational and effective.

Israel control of Palestinian water supply hits farmers

Between illegal settlements, military encroachments and a rigged project approval process, Israel is crushing Palestinian agriculture by denying access to water and things are getting worse.

Yemen war survivor struggles to provide education to women

A woman in divided Taiz province is trying to empower other women and girls to obtain brighter future.

Omission in Democrats’ lawsuit text against Russia: lawyer

Democrats filed a lawsuit against Russia and the Trump campaign, but their lawyers didn’t properly define ‘computer’.

Syria government advances as rebels evacuate Qalamoun area

After days of government raids, rebels agree to leave Qalamoun while other groups hold on to areas in capital’s south.

New York’s Tribeca festival sees record female feature films

The 17th Tribeca Film Festival includes a conscious effort to bring parity to the sexes in an industry rocked by the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo movement.

Trade wars and debt: The biggest risks to world economy

What’s behind the IMF’s and the World Bank’s warnings about a looming global economic downturn?

Nicaragua launches deadly crackdown on anti-government protests

Pension cuts triggered mass demonstrations, which have led to several deaths, and now, the government is attempting to control coverage of the protests by shutting down independent media outlets.

South Africa president addresses long-running riots in north

Protests against corruption and a regional leader have turned into riots and looting, prompting Cyril Ramaphosa to cut short his trip to the UK and return to South Africa.

The teenagers trapped in Trump’s MS13-crackdown

Donald Trump’s war against Salvadoran American gang MS-13 has left dozens of immigrant teenagers unlawfully detained.

Basque separatists’ apology fails to appease victims

ETA, one of Europe’s most-enduring and violent armed groups, has disarmed and issued in advance of its expected full dissolution in May.

UN’s Palestinian envoy urges probe into Israel’s deadly crackdown

Palestinians have refused to back down, despite the live-fire from Israeli snipers and volleys tear gas, and are continuing their Great March of Return protests at the Gaza border.

A very potent protest movement is emerging in Armenia

Self-organising and deeply grass-root, the protest movement in Armenia has the potential of introducing genuine change.

US students urge gun control on Columbine massacre anniversary

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school joined others across the US in a walk-out demonstration calling for gun control reform on the 19th anniversary of the school shooting in Littleton, Colorado.

UN tries to restart Syria talks after regime advances

A week after US missile attacks on Syria, the conflict between the US and Russia appears to have calmed, but rebel enclaves continue to fall to the Assad regime as the UN pushes for peace talks.

Palestinian scholar killed in Kuala Lumpur, family blames Mossad

Fadi al-Batsh shot dead by two assailants, as victim’s father accuses Israel’s intelligence agency of ‘assassination’.

Red lines and military strikes: Media coverage of the Syrian war

We map the politics and aesthetics of the Syria news coverage. Plus, what’s behind enduring sexism in the Italian media?

Palestine calls for UN probe into Israeli killings in Gaza

Palestine’s UN ambassador calls for fact-finding mission after Israel killed 39 protesters in Gaza since March 30.

Pre-monsoon heat builds across northern India

Soaring temperatures contrast with severe storms and heavy rain in other parts of India.