Armenia leader intervenes in protest against predecessor

Armenia’s president walks into a crowd of protesters to try to defuse a crisis about his predecessor.

Barbara Bush funeral: 1,500 pay tribute to former first lady

President Trump did not join four ex-presidents at the former first lady’s service in Texas.

Syria ‘chemical’ attack: Experts finally visit Douma site

International experts make a much-delayed examination of the site of a suspected attack in Douma.

Palestinian lecturer and Hamas member killed in Malaysia

Malaysian officials say the suspects are believed to have links to a foreign intelligence service.

India introduces death penalty for child rapists

The change to the penal code comes amid nationwide outrage over high-profile cases of child rape.

North Korea missile and nuclear test halt hailed

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s announcement is welcomed by world powers, ahead of key summits.

Mia Khalifa filmed a porn scene where she was wearing a hijab.

Former porn star Mia Khalifa says she received abuse after she filmed a porn scene wearing a hijab.

UN Security Council seeks to heal Syria divisions in Sweden

Members of the Security Council seek to heal divisions over Syria during a meeting in Sweden.

Avicii’s music ‘will live forever’: Tributes paid to the Swedish DJ

It’s not yet known how he died but he had been suffering from severe pancreatitis.

The plastic choking Indonesian rivers

A crisis of plastic waste in Indonesia has become so acute that the army has been called in to help.

North Korea ‘halts missile and nuclear tests’, says Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s announcement comes a week before a summit with South Korea.

Southwest Airlines accident: Authorities order mass engine inspections

Hundreds of jet engines will be checked worldwide following the Southwest Airlines mid-air accident.

What do Indian parents tell their children about rape?

With so much news around rape and murder, how do parents explain these events to their children?

Nicaragua protestors over pensions called “vampires”

Two protestors and a policeman are killed in the capital, Managua, during protests over pension reform.

Is hate speech law killing German comedy?

Comedians in Germany have been caught up in the county’s strict online hate speech laws.

Teen Vogue reporter groped at Coachella

Vera Papisova was groped at Coachella while reporting on sexual harassment for Teen Vogue.

Frida Kahlo Barbie doll banned from shop shelves in Mexico

A court rules the artist’s family, who said the doll was too light-coloured, own her image rights.

A look back at Avicii’s work

Swedish DJ Avicii, one of the world’s biggest electronic dance music stars, has died in Oman aged 28.

Over 2,000 US schools walk out over gun violence

Students were demanding gun legislation that promotes school safety, 19 years since the Columbine massacre.

Avicii: The superstar DJ behind some of the decade’s biggest hits

Avicii headlined arenas and notched up billions of streams, but struggled with life on the road.

Trump-Russia ‘collusion’: Democrats file lawsuit

Documents filed in a lawsuit allege that Mr Trump’s 2016 campaign “gleefully accepted” Russian help.

Florida police clear out classroom after shooting

A suspect is in custody after a school shooting in Ocala, Florida, left one student wounded.

How one woman was shunned for having cancer but found a ‘new family’

This Kenyan woman was rejected by friends and family after being diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Liberia warlord ‘Jungle Jabbah’ jailed for 30 years in the US

One witness told the US court how he had ordered the heart of a captive to be cooked for his fighters.

Zimbabwe parliament summons Robert Mugabe over diamond theft claim

A parliamentary committee aims to establish the extent of diamond plundering in Zimbabwe.

Kyrgyz mayor dons fake beard to tour city in disguise

Bishkek’s first citizen says he wears a fake beard so that he can see the city’s problems first-hand.

North Korea undergoes an image change ahead of summits

Pyongyang softens its rhetoric toward its neighbours and gives Kim Jong-un a minor makeover as high level meetings loom.

Commonwealth countries where it is illegal to be gay

Many Commonwealth countries have laws in place that criminalise homosexuality.

Commonwealth countries where it is illegal to be gay

Many Commonwealth countries have laws in place that criminalise homosexuality.

Meesha Shafi: Pakistan actress says pop star Ali Zafar harassed her

Reluctant Fundamentalist actress Meesha Shafi says singer Ali Zafar sexually harassed her.