Hawaii’s Kauai hit with more rain days after historic deluge

On Friday, the state Health Department deployed a medical team to Kauai to offer assistance to flood victims in the hardest-hit areas amid fears about dirty water

The royal engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

A world celebrates the news of a royal wedding and the man who officially documented their engagement describes the young couple in love.

Meghan Markle and Harry: The ultimate modern couple

The story of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s romance started with a blind date, and by the third date they were camping in a Botswana safari park, part of a long-running bid to escape the glare of the media.

Inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s love story

Their love caught the world off guard — everyone maybe, except for the young couple who knew exactly what they were looking for

The real Harry: Profile of a prince

Harry’s enduring appeal lies in the fact he’s endured the harsh spotlight after his mother’s very public death, and scrutiny for his acting out in his teens and twenties. Having matured through military service and philanthropic work, Harry finds himself very much beloved in Britain and beyond.

Meghan Markle: Young activist to modern princess

As a youngster, Markle refused to be pigeonholed by tick-box racial definitions, and fell into activism before she left middle school. At 12 years old, she convinced Proctor & Gamble to change a campaign of theirs that she felt was demeaning to women.

Meghan Markle’s defining moments

Follow Markle’s journey from make-believe queen to a real-life member of Britain’s royal family

Army lowers recruiting goal but leaders say more soldiers are staying on

Six months into the recruiting year, the service has brought in just 28,000 new soldiers

Georgia town braces for planned neo-Nazi rally Saturday

The rally is being held by the National Socialist movement, which holds rallies every year to mark Adolf Hitler’s birthday

Fla. school shooting suspect ID’d as Sky Bouche

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office identified the gunman that wounded one at Forest High School in Ocala, Fla. Friday as former student Sky Bouche, 19. Bouche told reporters he “shot through the door,” but didn’t offer a motive.

Janitor proves first impressions don’t tell the whole story

Maury Forrester had a very different career before his health suffered and he had to make a change. Now he’s a janitor at a school near Knoxville, but that doesn’t mean he wants his old life back. Steve Hartman has his story, “On the Road.”

Another shooting in Fla., as students walk out demanding action on gun control

Students in one town in Florida never got a chance to protest. They had to go on lockdown for shots fired

CDC issues strong new warning about romaine lettuce

The warning now includes whole heads and hearts of romaine lettuce as well as chopped romaine, salads and salad mixes due to E. coli contamination

FAA orders inspections of more engines like one in Southwest incident

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has ordered inspections of more jet engines like the one in the fatal Southwest Airlines accident

Man dies after Stop & Shop employees allegedly detain him

Workers at a Brooklyn Stop & Shop reportedly sat on Ralph Nimmons, 51, who was suspected of shoplifting “cookies and other items”

Police in college town warn of possible serial rapist

Investigators have linked a 2017 rape to similar assaults in 2010 and 2011 and are warning people to be on the lookout

Authorities reveal how manhunt for fugitive grandma ended

Lois Riess arrested after nationwide manhunt for woman wanted in killings in Florida, Minnesota

Temple University suspends frat over reports of sex assault, excessive drinking

The university says it is investigating “credible reports” of sexual assault, underage drinking and possible drug use

Report: DOJ prosecutors urge charges in NYC chokehold death

An official confirms that there is disagreement within the Department of Justice over whether the case would be viable

Could climate change be making your allergies worse?

Spring is here and it is predicted to be another tough season for allergy sufferers. One study finds pollen counts have been increasing every year since 2000. Dr. Tara Narula joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why climate change could be making your allergies worse and what you can do…

Cops face challenges in policing drivers high on pot

Today is April 20, or 420, a day many people celebrate marijuana. As some states start to legalize it, law enforcement officers are having a difficult time policing drivers who are high. Barry Petersen reports.

Syracuse fraternity apologizes for racist video

Members of the Syracuse Theta Tau fraternity are apologizing for an offensive video that triggered protests on campus and led to the frat’s suspension. Adriana Diaz reports.

Tammy Duckworth’s infant makes history in Senate chamber

Sen. Tammy Duckworth and her newborn daughter, Maile, have made history again. Duckworth was already the first sitting senator to give birth last week, but when she brought her to the Capitol to vote Thursday, Maile became the first baby ever allowed in the Senate chamber. Nancy Cordes reports.

Southwest passengers recount chaos inside flight

Southwest Airlines started inspecting engines in its fleet of 737s, the same plane involved in the deadly engine explosion this week. The ultrasonic tests are searching for cracks in the metal fan blades. Kris Van Cleave reports.

Photos from damaged jet show passengers not heeding safety directives

Deadly accident on Southwest Airlines flight has prompted a new conversation about the importance in-flight safety instructions

Two sheriff’s deputies ambushed and killed in Florida

Gilchrist County in north Florida is mourning the loss of two sheriff’s deputies in a double murder. Officials say a gunman ambushed the officers Thursday while they were having lunch. Don Dahler reports.

Officers armed with “no science” to police drivers who are high

In 2016, there were 51 driving deaths in Colorado linked to marijuana

Lois Riess, grandmother and alleged killer of 2, captured

Suspected murderer of husband in Minnesota and lookalike woman in Florida nabbed in Texas, near Mexican border

Syracuse University frat suspended over racist video apologizes

Theta Tau, made up of engineering students, says, “We strongly believe that racism has no place on a university campus”

Arizona teachers vote for first-ever statewide walkout

Strike to push demand for more school funding would build on movement for higher pay in other Republican-dominated states