Gunfire stalls chemical weapons inspection

Chemical weapons investigators are due to travel Wednesday to the site of a suspected Syrian chemical weapon attack in Douma, if it’s safe enough, according Syria’s ambassador to the UN.

May and Macron face questions, Putin warns

There will be questions for both UK Prime Minister Theresa May and her French counterpart Emmanuel Macron when they face their legislatures on Monday.

Survivors of chemical attack tell their stories

The air in the camp is thick, fraught with the muted mourning of people who have been through more than they can comprehend, people whose losses penetrate their souls and whose fears are so great that they can barely express them.

French President spoke with US President before Syria strikes

French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday he “convinced” President Donald Trump to stay in Syria before the United States, United Kingdom and France launched strikes against targets at three sites Friday night .

Opinion: On Syria, Trump looks a lot like Obama

In April 2017, President Donald Trump ordered a missile strike against Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria for its use of chemical weapons. I supported the action then because I thought it was worth punishing a regime for using these dreadful weapons.

Weapons allies used to target Syria

The United States combined with the armed forces of the United Kingdom and France early Saturday to carry out airstrikes against the chemical weapons facilities maintained by the regime of Syria. Here are some of the weapons they used:

Moscow condemns strikes

Russia has condemned US, UK and French strikes against targets in Syria over the alleged use of chemical weapons, as the Western allies argued they were essential to deter the future use of illegal munitions.

US President says Syria strike was ‘perfectly executed’

President Donald Trump declared “mission accomplished” in Friday night’s strike on three Syria targets and argued that it “could not have had a better result.”

Video reportedly shows missile downed

Syrian media has released video that reportedly shows an airstrike in Syria. The US, France and the UK ordered strikes on the Syrian regime in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack.

A year after the US attacked Syria, what’s changed?

One year ago the US launched its first military assault against the Syrian regime, a move some thought would be a game-changer in that country’s gruesome civil war.

1 Palestinian killed, nearly 1,000 injured in latest Gaza protests, Palestinian officials say

One Palestinian was killed and 968 others injured in Gaza on Friday, Palestinian health officials said, as Palestinian protesters demonstrated for a third week along the border fence between Gaza and Israel.

Mo Salah: ‘There’s something very special about playing for Liverpool’

At the height of Beatlemania, fans would scream so loudly that Liverpool’s most famous exports could no longer hear themselves play.

The siege that forced a suburb underground

Not a building in Eastern Ghouta has emerged unscathed after six years of war.

Trump’s deadline for Syria response has passed. Now what?

As someone who once criticized President Barack Obama for offering public timelines on American military engagement overseas, US President Donald Trump may have backed himself into a corner following his own promise to respond, and respond harshly, to the deadly chemical attacks in Syria.

Video: Israeli sniper shooting Palestinian as soldiers celebrate

With international criticism of Israel’s response to the Gaza protests growing, video emerged on Monday appearing to show an Israel Defence Forces (IDF) sniper shooting a Palestinian man standing near the border fence.

Iran vows to retaliate against Israel for Syria strike

Iran vowed to retaliate for the recent attack on a military base in Syria, blaming Israel for the strike. Speaking in Damascus at a two-day conference on Jerusalem Tuesday, a senior advisor to Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Ali Akbar Velayati, told Iran’ state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that Israel’s…

Russia Defense Ministry: 2 Israeli warplanes attacked Syria airbase

Russia’s Defense Ministry has claimed that Israel was behind a series of strikes on an airbase in central Syria on Monday, following a suspected chemical gas attack over the weekend that drew condemnation from world powers.

ISIS fighters known as ‘the Beatles’ demand fair trial

Two of the most wanted fighters from the British ISIS cell called “the Beatles” have called some of the group’s actions “regrettable,” and insisted that their legal rights are respected wherever they’re brought to trial.

Report: Missiles strike air base in Syria

Syrian state media reports that missiles have struck an air base in Homs, Syria. CNN’s Ben Wedeman reports.

Tensions high along Gaza-Israel border as Palestinians call for ‘Friday of Fire’

Tensions on both sides of the Gaza-Israel border are high as Palestinians in Gaza call for a “Friday of Fire.”

Kids swap hideouts for roof playgrounds after fleeing war

Men and boys line up for food outside the kitchen of the Harjala camp for internally displaced persons, some of them wearing cooking pots on their heads for some protection against a scorching sun.

Couple sentenced to death for murder of maid

A Kuwaiti court has sentenced a Lebanese man and his wife to death in absentia for the murder of a Filipina maid, the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs said.

UN: Yemen war is world’s worst humanitarian crisis

The war in Yemen is now the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with more than 22 million people — three-quarters of the population — in desperate need of aid and protection,United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said.

Israel suspends plans to send African migrants to Western countries

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday he was suspending a plan to send thousands of migrants to three Western countries, putting the brakes on a decision he had announced only hours earlier.

Pope calls for peace after Gaza violence

Pope Francis used his Easter Sunday address to call for “reconciliation for the Holy Land,” in an apparent reference to violence on the Israeli-Gaza border which killed at least 17 Palestinians and injured more than 1,400 on Friday.