Apocalypse How? What Novels Screw Up About Climate Change

We’re obsessed with grim environmental tales, but most of them miss the point.

Michael Bloomberg Accuses Scott Pruitt Of Abandoning The Environment ‘100 Percent’

“To debunk science and walk away from it is ridiculous,” the former mayor said.

How To Raise Kids Who Care About The Environment

In honor of Earth Day, we asked parents and conservationists for their advice.

Deputy Interior Secretary Met With Lobbyist For A Casino His Former Firm Also Represents

According to an ethics agreement David Bernhardt signed, he’s prohibited from participating in matters involving his former employer.

Gulf Residents Deserve The Full Truth About Oil Cleanup Chemicals

Eight years later, scientists are confirming the lasting impact of the BP oil spill — and what may have made it worse.

Climate Change Lawsuits Are Moving Inland

Boulder and two Colorado counties are suing oil companies to pay for the damages of climate change.

Marijuana Industry Says Seniors Are The Next Budding Market

Oklahoma Wildfires Leave At Least 2 Dead, 20 Injured

More than 300,000 acres of land had been burned as of Wednesday evening.

This Young Environmental Activist Lives 500 Feet From A Drilling Site

“This is personal,” says 25-year-old organizer Ashley Hernandez. “This is my home, this is my family, this is my health.”

Historic Floods, Landslides Devastate The Hawaiian Island Of Kauai

The rains triggered flooding and landslides, causing “the worst natural disaster to occur on Kauai in 25 years.”

The Great Barrier Reef Has Been Forever Changed By Global Warming, Scientists Warn

Rising temperatures in 2016 caused a catastrophic die-off of almost 30 percent of the iconic reef.

This Gym Generates Its Own Energy In An Unusual But Sustainable Way

This people-powered gym is harnessing human energy to power itself and the local grid.

Baboons Work Together To Escape From Biomedical Testing Facility

Drought Returns To Huge Swaths Of U.S., Fueling Fears Of A Thirsty Future

Global warming, worsening droughts, vanishing groundwater and growing populations will make the U.S. more vulnerable to water

The SEC Just Made The Case For Divesting From Fossil Fuel Companies Much Stronger

The agency’s ruling in a little-noticed case last month has knocked the wind out of the push for shareholder activism, a favorite neoliberal tactic to address climate change.

Scientists Accidentally Create A Plastic-Eating Enzyme

The discovery may be a breakthrough in tackling the plastic pollution crisis.

How The Energy Industry’s Wish List Became The Interior Department’s To-Do List

Ryan Zinke oversees the most business-friendly Interior Department in recent memory.

What The Heck Is Ryan Zinke Running For?

A dark money group with ties to Mike Pence ran a campaign-style ad praising the interior secretary for a budget proposal to service national parks.

Nearly 1,400 Sharks Spotted In Mysterious Gathering Off East Coast

A series of aerial photographs found the largest congregation of basking sharks ever reported.

Prominent LGBTQ Lawyer Sets Self On Fire In ‘Protest Suicide’ Of Climate Change

David Buckel said he killed himself with “fossil fuel” to show “what we are doing to ourselves.”

Trump Energy Official Promoting New Coal Plants Suddenly Discovered He Owns Coal Stock

Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steve Winberg recently told ethics officials he held a stock option in his former employer.

Ocean’s Vital Gulf Stream System Weakest In 1,600 Years, Scientists Find

This is really bad news: Climate change is partly to blame, research shows, and the slowdown is making the effects of climate change worse.

White House Abruptly Orders EPA To Loosen Clean Air Rules In Polluter Giveaway

The executive order puts poor communities and people of color particularly at risk.

Senate Confirms Controversial Former Coal Lobbyist As Next-In-Line To Lead EPA

Andrew Wheeler would automatically take over the EPA if embattled Administrator Scott Pruitt leaves.

Former EPA Aide Accuses Scott Pruitt Of ‘Unethical, Potentially Illegal’ Behavior

Kevin Chmielewski, the EPA’s deputy chief of staff until he was removed for raising alarm over Pruitt’s spending, spoke to five Democrats investigating the EPA chief.

6 Virunga Park Workers Killed Protecting Endangered Gorillas

“It is unacceptable that Virunga’s rangers continue to pay the highest price in defense of our common heritage.”

Rick Scott’s Early Gift From Trump Team May Create More Problems Than It’s Worth

Ryan Zinke credited Scott when he took Florida waters “off the table� for offshore drilling. The move has proven to be a legal and political headache.