Ohio Police: 2-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Shot Dead By Mom

Trump Considering ‘Full Pardon’ Of Late Boxing Champion Jack Johnson

Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion, was arrested for driving his girlfriend across state lines.

‘Overwhelmed’ Letter Carrier Allegedly Held Onto 17,000 Pieces Of Mail

Other postal workers have been accused of stashing large quantities of mail in the past.

Donald Trump Rips New York Times Reporter, Denies Michael Cohen Will ‘Flip’

“Sorry, I don’t see Michael doing that despite the horrible Witch Hunt and the dishonest media!”

My Son Suddenly Stopped Talking And I Wasn’t Sure If He’d Ever Speak Again

My son was only in preschool when he was diagnosed with selective mutism.

Every Black Person Has Had A ‘Starbucks Moment’

Just days after two men were notoriously arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks, I experienced something similar in a Houston hotel.

Trump Presidency Is Taking The Luster Off Trump Tower

The high-rise with the stunning views of Central Park has become a money trap for some residents. For one man, it became a fire trap, too.

Trump Biographer On Trump’s Lies: Named Ladies Man At School With No Young Women

“He was named the ladies man at a school that had no young women at it.”

Stephen Colbert Pokes Holes In Trump’s Abstinence-Only Sex Education Agenda

“How do you spend that much money on not giving away condoms?”

Jim Carrey Turns Paintbrush On Rudy Giuliani With Ghoulish New Portrait

Bill Maher Roasts Donald Trump Over His Close Relationship With Sean Hannity

“Can you imagine if they found out that Obama was talking to Rachel Maddow every day?”

North Korea Promised To Include Release Of U.S. Citizens In Meeting With Trump: Report

North Korean officials reportedly assured CIA Director Pompeo that three detainees would be linked to the talks.

FAA Orders Emergency Engine Inspections After Deadly Southwest Accident

The agency has ordered airlines to conduct ultrasonic inspections of the fan blades on hundreds of engines.

13 Billboards Call Out How Much Money Politicians Got From The NRA

The campaign was launched by the parents of a victim of the Aurora, Colorado, theater massacre.

Felony Charges For Father Of Toddler Who Shot Pregnant Mom

The father allegedly told his daughter, “What did you do? Were you playing with daddy’s gun? … You aren’t supposed to play with daddy’s gun.”

‘Smallville’ Actress Allison Mack Is Charged With Sex Trafficking

The actress is accused of recruiting women who were forced to engage in sex with a cult leader.

Exclusive: ‘Everyday Guy’ Describes How He Brought Down An American Terrorist Cell

Dan Day — a gun-toting Kansan — felt a “calling from God” to work with the FBI to prevent militiamen’s attack on Muslim refugees.

LA Times Union Preparing Class-Action Lawsuit Over ‘Illegal Pay Disparities’

Last week, an analysis of the newsroom’s pay structure revealed wide discrepancies along racial and gender lines.

CDC Warns People To Steer Clear Of Romaine As E. Coli Outbreak Spreads

Gun Violence Prevents Florida School District From Staging Walkouts Against Gun Violence

The shooting left one student with an injury that wasn’t life-threatening.

Amid DACA Uncertainty, States Open Professions To ‘Dreamers’

Indiana now lets DACA recipients apply for professional licenses. “Dreamers” have thrived for two years in Nebraska with

Students Mark 19th Anniversary Of Columbine Massacre By Walking Out To Protest Gun Violence

Friday’s walkout was somewhat smaller than a similar walkout in March.

Conspiracy Theory Believers Are The Most Skeptical And The Most Gullible People

The 25 most profound “Shower Thoughts” on Reddit from the last week.

Passengers On Deadly Southwest Flight Receive $5,000 Checks

“We … hope you will allow us another opportunity to restore your confidence,” a letter from the airline said.

Here’s What’s In All Those Leaked James Comey Memos

Tina Fey Has A Confession About Those ’30 Rock’ Reboot Rumors