Watchdog: EPA broke law building Pruitt’s secure phone booth

The $43,000 phone booth is one of several items that critics have said show Pruitt was spending excessively for security measures.

FEMA’s plan underestimated Puerto Rican hurricane

In preparing for the storm, the disaster agency failed to anticipate the level of damage or extent of federal involvement required.

Gowdy expands probe into EPA’s Pruitt

The development is a further sign of the deepening bipartisan scrutiny facing President Donald Trump’s environmental chief.

Pruitt’s security chief goaded spending, employees say

‘He’ll do anything to satisfy his boss,’ one former staffer says of Secret Service agent turned EPA official Pasquale Perrotta.

Inside the EPA: ‘It’s just a slow-motion train wreck’

‘Everybody is out for themselves right now,’ says one employee in an agency where people are fretting about leaks and Scott Pruitt’s scandals.

Lobbyist couple had to change the locks on Pruitt

People familiar with the EPA administrator’s condo rental say the arrangement, which has drawn intense scrutiny, was supposed to be a temporary fix, but he overstayed his welcome.