Former May aide quits Twitter in migration row

Former Downing Street aide Nick Timothy has apparently quit Twitter after defending Theresa May over vans that told illegal immigrants to “go home or face arrest”.

PM to consider compensation for Windrush migrants

The Government will consider compensating affected Windrush migrants, Theresa May has said.

Rivers of Blood: The speech that divided a nation

Fifty years ago today, on 20 April 1968, the austere shadow defence secretary Enoch Powell MP made a speech in Birmingham.  

Charles to succeed Queen as Commonwealth head

Prince Charles has been approved to take over from the Queen as the next head of the Commonwealth, according to Sky sources.

MP’s frustration at marriage not being recognised in NI

A Labour MP has spoken out about the frustration of his same-sex marriage not being recognised in Northern Ireland, his husband’s birthplace.

Jowell first to donate medical data to cancer database

Dame Tessa Jowell has become the first patient to donate her medical data to a global cancer database.

PM’s Irish border plans ‘annihilated’ in Brussels

Proposals for the future of the Irish border after Brexit were “annihilated” by EU officials, who said none of the options would work.

Final sum for Brexit bill ‘shrouded in uncertainty’

A senior MP has claimed the final figure for the Brexit divorce bill is “shrouded in uncertainty”, after a watchdog stressed the current estimate is based on a number of assumptions.

Ministers told to ‘act now’ on vaginal mesh

The Government must act now to suspend all types of surgical mesh, MPs warned in a heated two-hour debate in the House of Commons.

Ex-ambassador: We must ‘swallow our pride’ on Syria

A former UK ambassador to Syria has said we must “swallow our pride” and move towards re-establishing ties with Bashar al Assad.

Windrush cases rise amid calls for more action

A top MP has claimed the Home Office should be doing “much more” to get a grip on the Windrush immigration row, as the number of confirmed cases being investigated passed 200.

Firm’s Tory donations raised in HMRC search denial

HMRC mentioned a mobile operator’s donations to the Conservative Party when it rejected a French request to search the firm’s London offices, Downing Street has admitted.

PM immigration policies ‘almost like Nazi Germany’

The Prime Minister’s pursuit of a “hostile environment” for illegal immigrants in Britain was seen in Whitehall as “almost reminiscent of Nazi Germany”, the former chief of the civil service has claimed.

MPs flout photo rules with Commons selfies

Tory ministers have risked a row with parliamentary officials by taking selfies and other photos from inside the House of Commons chamber.

PM considers ban on plastic straws and stirrers

Plastic straws, drink stirrers and plastic-stemmed cotton buds could soon be banned from sale in England under a Government plan.

Rogue landlords ‘should have houses confiscated’

Rogue landlords who exploit vulnerable tenants should face having their properties confiscated, an influential committee of MPs has recommended.

Cameron: I don’t regret calling EU referendum

David Cameron has said he does not regret calling the Brexit referendum, despite the decision setting off a series of events which ended with him resigning as prime minister.

More than 100 Windrush cases being investigated

A total of 113 Windrush cases are now being investigated by the Home Office, it has been confirmed.

Peers inflict big defeat on Govt over Brexit bill

The Government has suffered a heavy defeat in the House of Lords over its policy of leaving the EU’s customs union.

MP ‘trivialised’ Saddam’s rule with Facebook post

A Tory MP has been branded a “disgrace” as he was accused of “trivialising” Saddam Hussein’s brutal rule in Iraq.

Angry PM tells Corbyn anti-Semitism is ‘rife’

Theresa May has accused Jeremy Corbyn of allowing anti-Semitism to “run rife in his party” and angrily refuted the Labour leader’s claim she is heading a “callous” government.

‘I won’t take that from you’: PMQs gets fiery over Windrush

There were fiery exchanges in the Commons as Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn clashed over the destruction of landing cards that recorded the arrival of Windrush immigrants to Britain.

Windrush scandal prompts Brexit fear for EU citizens

The Government needs to provide “full guarantees” to EU citizens in the wake of the Windrush scandal, the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator has demanded.

Calls for action in emotional anti-Semitism debate

Labour MPs have described their personal experiences of abuse, calling on the party to take action against “corrosive” anti-Semitism.

Dozens of Windrush cases being investigated

Forty-nine new cases are being looked into after a helpline was set up for Windrush generation immigrants, the Home Office has said.

May accused of ‘flagrant disregard’ over Syria strikes

Theresa May has been accused of displaying a “flagrant disregard” for Parliament over the Syria airstrikes during a second day of debate sparked by Britain’s role in the military action.

Dame in maternity row over ‘shocking’ remark

The chief inspector of the UK’s probation service has defended taking on a second job, suggesting she could do both as she does not have young children.

PM ‘sorry’ for Windrush deportation scandal

Theresa May has told Caribbean leaders she is “genuinely sorry” for the “anxiety caused” by a row over the immigration status of Britain’s Windrush generation.

Macron hits back at MEPs criticising Syria airstrikes

Emmanuel Macron has angrily confronted critics of last week’s airstrikes in Syria – claiming France, the UK and the US “saved the honour of the international community”.

Brexit row with Scotland and Wales taken to court

The Government has risked deepening a Brexit row with devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales by taking them to the Supreme Court.