Holy guacamole! Million-dollar fajita thief jailed

A former juvenile detention centre employee has been jailed for 50 years after stealing $1.2m (£974,000) worth of fajitas over a period of nine years.

Something to relish: Sliced ketchup proves a success

A Kickstarter campaign to fund slices of tomato sauce has seen the amount pledged to back it double to more than $30,000 (£21,400).

Asda slip up sees shopper charged £930 for banana

Asda has apologised after one of its shoppers was charged £930.11 for a single banana.

Are you Eileen? Do these pants belong to you?

Prince William: I love Nando’s, it’s peri peri nice

Prince William might be used to fine dining and lavish hospitality, but the heir to throne has revealed he also likes tucking into a Nando’s.

Hedgehog with balloon syndrome goes home

A hedgehog which swelled to the size of a beach ball after being injured has been returned back to the wild.

Street lights don’t cause cancer – council

Gateshead Council has been forced to deny being involved in “secret government trials” using street lights and 5G technology.

Man hospitalised after eating world’s hottest chilli

A man who took on the world’s hottest chilli pepper in an eating contest stunned doctors after suffering excruciating “thunderclap” headaches.

World’s oldest man’s secret to longevity revealed

The world’s oldest man has been named as 112-year-old Masazo Nonaka, whose secret to longevity is said to be eating sweets and taking hot baths.

Kim Jong Un ‘told to stop smoking’ by S Korean envoy

A South Korean envoy risked the wrath of Kim Jong Un by telling him to kick his smoking habit during landmark talks, according to reports.

Charles: I may never wear ‘budgie smugglers’ again

Prince Charles has admitted he may never fit into a pair of “budgie smugglers” again as he approaches his 70th birthday.

First-ever luxury hotel in space announced

Tourists will soon be able to boldly go where no holidaymakers have gone before thanks to the launch of the first-ever luxury hotel in space.

‘Un-PC’ male choir hits bum note with police

A police male voice choir has been forced to change its name and disassociate itself from its force because of its refusal to allow women to join.

Pet owners warned over rise of ‘zombie’ raccoons

Dozens of calls have been made to police in Ohio after residents reported an invasion of “zombie” raccoons.

Women describe themselves ‘as male author would’

A Twitter challenge to “describe yourself like a male author would” has gone viral, with thousands of women writing tongue-in-cheek introductions to themselves as fictional characters.