Trump may pardon boxer Jack Johnson after Stallone call

Donald Trump is considering a posthumous pardon for the boxer Jack Johnson after a call from his friend Sylvester Stallone.

NFL star gets Amnesty award for kneeling protest

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been honoured by Amnesty International for his kneeling protest against police brutality. 

Four former US presidents attend Barbara Bush funeral

Four former US presidents were among 1,500 mourners who gathered in Houston, Texas to say goodbye to former first lady Barbara Bush.

Dad fatally stabbed while daughter sat on his lap

A homeless man has been charged with murder after a “wonderful” father was fatally stabbed in the neck as his five-year-old daughter sat on his lap at a crowded restaurant.

Emergency inspections after woman sucked out of plane

Airlines have been ordered to carry out emergency inspections of jet engines similar to the one on a plane in which a woman died after being sucked from the cabin.

Florida school shooting on Columbine anniversary

One student has been wounded in a shooting at a Florida school, on the anniversary of the Columbine High School tragedy.

Thousands mourn first lady Barbara Bush

Former president George H W Bush paid respects to his wife with his daughter as her body lies in repose before her funeral.

Trump, Russia and Wikileaks sued over 2016 campaign

Russia, Donald Trump’s campaign and Wikileaks are being sued by the Democratic Party, which alleges they conspired to disrupt the 2016 US presidential election.

Man charged with hiring ‘hitman’ to kill ex and three others

A man in Houston has been charged with attempting to hire a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend, her current boyfriend and her parents.

‘Putin boasted to Trump about Russian hookers’

Donald Trump said Vladimir Putin had told him Russia had “some of the most beautiful hookers in the world”, according to memos written by a former FBI chief.

Russia: We told US where in Syria they could not bomb

Russia has revealed it warned the US about “red lines” it should not cross before it launched airstrikes on Syria.

Armstrong agrees multi-million dollar fraud settlement

Lance Armstrong has agreed to pay $5m (£3.5m) to settle a federal fraud case over claims he defrauded the US government during his doping years.

Oldest inmate in modern US history executed

An 83-year-old man has become the oldest inmate to be put to death since capital punishment was reinstated in the US in the 1970s.

Plane death: Airline sought more time for inspections

Southwest Airlines sought more time last year to inspect its engines after a similar explosion to the one that saw a woman partially sucked out of a plane window, it has emerged.

Man, 83, to be oldest executed in modern US history

An 83-year-old man on death row is set to be the oldest person in modern US history to be executed later.

US airman sacked for dinosaur puppet oath

A non-commissioned officer with the US National Guard has been removed from her post after reciting her enlistment oath with a dinosaur puppet. 

Plane turns back after smoke pours from engine

A flight bound for London has been forced to make an emergency landing after smoke was seen pouring from one of its engines.

Nanny guilty of murdering two children in her care

A nanny has been convicted of murder after stabbing two children to death at their family’s luxury apartment in Manhattan.

Woman sucked from plane died of ‘blunt trauma’

More details have been released about the death of a woman who was partially sucked out of a plane window in the US.

Breakdown in Trump-Kim talks could be high risk

Trump’s warning on talks with North Korea’s Kim

Donald Trump has said he wants a successful meeting with Kim Jong Un, but warned he will call the talks off if he does not think they will produce results.

Plane death: Southwest to examine all related engines

Southwest Airlines is speeding up its investigations of related engines after a woman was killed when one exploded and broke apart in mid air.

Woman sucked from plane: Hero pilot was navy pioneer

A pilot praised for her “nerves of steel” in safely landing a stricken commercial flight in Philadelphia was a trailblazer in the US navy, it has emerged.

CIA chief Pompeo ‘met Kim in secret N Korea trip’

Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of state – CIA boss Mike Pompeo – travelled to North Korea to meet Kim Jong Un, US officials have confirmed.

Former US first lady Barbara Bush dies aged 92

Former US first lady Barbara Bush has died aged 92, a family spokesperson has said.

Man who cut out woman’s heart jailed for life

A fitness instructor has been jailed for life for the death of a student who was found desmembered, burned and with her heart cut out.

Woman dies after nearly being sucked out of plane window

A woman has died after being partially sucked out of a plane window when one of its engines blew up in mid-air.

Stormy Daniels releases sketch of ‘suspect’

A porn star locked in a legal battle with Donald Trump has released a sketch of man she claims threatened her in a car park.

IMF takes aim at Trump on trade war impact

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has launched an unusual attack on the economic policies of the US, warning that Donald Trump’s plans will only end up swelling the mammoth current account deficit he has frequently complained about.

Comey has joined Trump in the toddlers’ sandpit

Among those who work for him, former FBI director James Comey is known as a very straightforward man who absolutely detests bullies.