Mossad blamed for death of Hamas-affiliated engineer in Malaysia

Israel at 70: What to do about Iran?

The same defensive doctrine that worked well against its Arab enemies should rule Israel’s treatment of its non-Arab enemy.

UN envoy accuses Israel of killing innocent children in tweet

Mladenov called for an investigation into the death of a 15-year-old protester who was killed along the Gaza border.

4 Palestinians killed in fourth week of demonstrations along Gaza border

3,000 Palestinians rioted along border, including some who sent over flaming swastika kites to burn Israeli fields.

‘The Man Who Stole Banksy’ tells Middle East street art tale

The film dives into questions of ownership, theft and the sale of street art, whose creators may never see a penny when their public displays are taken into private hands.

Live updates: IDF prepares for another round of protests on Gaza border

The IDF dropped leaflets over the Gaza Strip, warning protesters against approaching the border fence, attempts to breach it and to carry out terror attacks.

Greenblatt says Palestinians have ‘right to protest dire circumstances’

The United States envoy stressed they should do so at a safe distance from Israel’s border with the strip and with no violence.

Netanyahu urges foreign diplomats to speak out against Iran

Bomb found at West Bank checkpoint, Palestinian suspect arrested

The man’s truck was also carrying merchandise intended to be sold at settlements within the green line.

Jewish extremists scrawl ‘price tag’ threats in Palestinian villages

Pictures showed a Star of David and the words “Price Tag,” “God is King” and “No more administrative orders” written in blue paint on cars.

Will Duma arson-terrorism defendants walk free?

Prosecution dropped portions of confessions that had been obtained through enhanced interrogation

Thousands attend Israeli-Palestinian Remembrance Day ceremony amid threats

Earlier on Tuesday, the High Court of Justice ruled to allow the entrance of some 90 Palestinians from the West Bank who were invited to the ceremony.

Israel planning for direct retaliatory attack from Iran

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is believed to be planning an attack in retaliation for alleged Israeli strike on T4 airbase in Syria last week.

Court: 90 Palestinians can enter Israel for Remembrance Day ceremony

“The defense minister’s decision completely ignores the pain inflicted upon the bereaved families and the general public who wish to [recognize the day] as they have done in years past.”

Liberman: ‘East Jerusalem community center tied to terrorism’

A months-long Shin Bet investigation revealed The Ilya Institute is a front for the DFLP.

Senior Iranian Commander: Israel can no longer threaten Iran

Europe to Hamas: Disarm, and we’ll rebuild Gaza

If accepted, the European offer would mean Hamas would refrain from any violence against Israel for at least five years.

Military source: Israel conducted April 9 strike on Syrian airbase

Israel, which has often struck Syrian army locations during its neighbor’s seven-year civil war, has neither confirmed nor denied mounting the raid.

High Court: Shot Gazan protestor can seek medical treatment in West Bank

The High Court of Justice decision overruled Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman’s decision regarding the Gazan protestor.

U.S. envoy Greenblatt slams Palestinian counterpart’s ’empty rhetoric’

In a Twitter firestorm, US President Donald Trump’s Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt slammed his Palestinian counterpart, further shattering the possibility of cooperation between the two.

‘Mission Accomplished’ in Syria would be blessing for Assad, trouble for Israel

Jerusalem remains concerned that the US and its partners are turning a blind eye to Iran’s attempts to entrench itself in the country.

‘Ready for use’ Hamas tunnel destroyed by IDF

Netanyahu, Israeli leaders praise U.S.-led strike

The prime minister said Iran’s entrenchment endangers Syria as much as chemical arms do.

Russian supply of S-300 systems to Syria major threat to IAF

Since the Russians entered the bloody conflict in 2015, the Syrian regime has become more brazen in its responses to Israeli strikes.

Former Defense Minister on West’s operation in Syria: No need to panic

The Syrians, Iranians and Hezbollah are all threatening Israel, but “those who threaten to act or act against us will immediately feel the use of our long arm.”

For Israel, not much changes after attack

Not tolerating chemical weapons is an important statement, but from Israel’s position does not go far enough.

Arson attempt and ‘Price Tag’ graffiti found on mosque near Nablus

“The arson attempt is yet another despicable hate crime of the ‘Price Tag’ gang.”

Timeline: Hundreds of Palestinians hurt in Gaza border clashes

Palestinians prepare to burn Israeli flags on third weekend of protests