Natalie Portman says she won’t endorse Netanyahu but she won’t boycott Israel either

“I can be critical of the leadership in Israel without wanting to boycott the entire nation.”

Emmanuel Macron, seen as France’s Obama, may govern more like Trump

He has warned against authoritarianism abroad but consolidated power at home.

Imprisonment of ex-president Lula seen as potential turning point for Brazil

Nation wonders whether a sweeping corruption probe marks a temporary crackdown — or a sustainable shift in Latin American governance.

Syria’s Damascus region to see thousands more evacuations

Syrian state media says rebels have started to evacuate three towns in the eastern Qalamoun region in the Damascus countryside.

From posh oligarchs to taxi drivers, Russians in London feel a chill

Since the Skripal poisoning, their adopted home is less welcoming.

Commonwealth backs Prince Charles as its next leader

Unlike his future role as king, this one wasn’t automatically in the bag.

Avicii dead at 28: Swedish DJ became an EDM star with hits ‘Levels’ and ‘Wake Me Up’

The DJ and producer, born Tim Bergling, was found dead on Friday in Oman. He was one of the decade’s first breakout EDM performers as the genre surged into the mainstream.

North Korea says it will suspend nuclear and missile tests, shut down test site

Trump welcomes “big progress,” but analysts doubt that North Korea will be true to its word.

State Dept. strikes reproductive rights, ‘Occupied Territories’ from human rights report

The annual report is the first to reflect the Trump administration’s views and priorities.

Chemical weapons coverup suspected in Syria as inspectors remain blocked

A team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has been unable to begin a probe in Douma after an April 7 attack.

A kangaroo wouldn’t hop — so zoo visitors stoned it to death

Zoo workers stressed that it’s against the rules to bludgeon the animal.

Gaza border clashes resume between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces

Gaza officials say at least four Palestinians have been killed in the latest round of unrest in the border zone.

Indonesian fishermen rescue Rohingya Muslims fleeing Myanmar

Indonesian fishermen rescued 76 Rohingya Muslims stranded off the coast of Aceh on Friday, authorities said, in the latest attempt by members of the persecuted ethnic group to flee Myanmar by sea.

Yemen Red Cross: More dying from indirect effects of war

The outgoing head of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Yemen says he believes more people are dying now from indirect effects of the conflict than from bombing, shelling and ground attacks.

N. Korea, setting stage for talks, halts nuclear, ICBM tests

North Korea announced Saturday it will suspend nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missile launches ahead of its summits with Seoul and Washington, but stopped well short of suggesting it has any intention of giving up its nuclear weapons or scale back its production of missiles and their related component parts.

The Latest: Japan’s Abe cautious about North Korea

The Latest on North Korea saying it has suspended nuclear and long-range missile tests and plans to close its nuclear test site (all times local):

See Japan’s Ioyama volcano erupting for the first time in 250 years

Japanese officials warned people nearby to be wary of ash and falling volcanic rock.

Why Mongolia hopes to host a Trump-Kim Jong Un meeting

A big advantage of a “Steppe Summit”? Kim could take the train.

These whales will be extinct in 25 years, scientists say — unless we act now to save them

Not a single newborn North Atlantic right whale was seen this year.

Where are the Castro kids? The next generation of the Cuban dynasty lies low.

Fidel and Raúl’s children have not taken the reins in Cuba — will they ever?

Natalie Portman pulls out of Jerusalem ceremony over recent events in Israel

Portman, who was born in Israel, has been critical of Prime Minister Netanyahu in the past.

Unexploded WWII bomb forces mass evacuation in Berlin. There’ll be more to come.

From Berlin to London, hundreds of unexploded WWII bombs lurk beneath the sidewalks

Correction: Israel at 70 story

In a story on April 18 and April 19 about Israel’s 70th independence day, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Israel’s founding document described the country as a “light unto the nations.” While the biblical phrase has been widely used by leaders, it does not appear in the Declaration of…

Key findings in analysis of memoir of a Jew raised Catholic

The case of Edgardo Mortara has roiled Catholic-Jewish relations ever since the 6-year-old Jewish boy was taken from his home in Bologna by papal police and brought to Rome to be raised a Catholic. The move was ordered after church authorities learned he had been secretly baptized. Church law at…

Man arrested after bottle attack on woman in German subway

German police say they have arrested a man in connection with an attack on a young woman in the western city of Essen that was caught on video last week.

Road-tripping on the border between North Korea and China

Photos from North Korea usually depict the country’s elite living in Pyongyang.

Basque militant group ETA: ‘We really are sorry’

The Basque militant group ETA on Friday offered an unprecedented apology for the pain caused during its more than four decades of armed campaign for independence from Spain and France, and vowed not to return to violence.

No ‘lunatics’ or ‘war maniacs’: North Korea dials down the anti-U.S. rhetoric 

The Kim regime looks like it’s trying to create an atmosphere conducive to talks, analysts say.

Turkey’s president will win the country’s snap elections. Here’s why they still matter.

Maintaining authoritarian rule while keeping the opposition playing a rigged game is the core of Erdogan’s election strategy.

In Pakistan, a young Pashtun man was killed by police. Another has risen to lead a movement.

The ethnic minority has been in the crosshairs of militant conflict for years.